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aLive Multiboot USB


Outcome: To create a USB stick that contains multiple GNU/Linux (Linux) distributions using syslinux as the boot loader.

I love to play around with different Linux distributions; I find certain ones to be better suited at certain tasks, but having to switch between, and carry around, a key chain full of USB stick is not really practical, or something I can afford.
Thankfully, syslinux allows me to easily create a single, multi distribution USB stick, which is my little geeky life saver: whenever I’m asked to do a bit of repair work on a friends computer, I can bring along a single stick full of maintenance goodness; and also, if I’m away from home and don’t have my laptop with me, I can boot up my beloved, live version of Arch Linux customised with all my usual programs and files (see my ‘howto’ if you’re interested).

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