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Quick video showing Arch Linux running on an Acer W500 laptop.

I’ve tried to make it as touch friendly as possible, but ‘m not completley there yet; if you have any suggestions then that would be appreciated.



  1. Hey,

    Cool stuff! Was it hard to set up?? I’d look into getting one if I knew it was all working without too much Archer magic 😉


    • Hey,

      Nope, it was just as easy as a regular setup.

      Installing the touch screen drivers is quite easy: xf86-input-egalax-linux3 is available from the AUR
      Once installed you simply add the following to your rc.local

      echo 3 0eef 725e 259 > /sys/module/hid_multitouch/dri­vers/hid\:hid-multitouch/new_i­d

      and add hid-multitouch to rc.conf:

      It’s just a case then of modifying your GTK themes to become touch screen friendly.
      I’ll write a detailed blog post on the whole setup in the next week or so.

      • Aha, good stuff. A detailed post would be cool! 😀
        I love the fact that its just a normal 32bit machine at heart, means I can use it with JACK and other pro audio programs without hassle.

        I’ll ask a favour, would you mind installing JACK on it ( pacman -S jack1 ), and QjackCtl (pacman -S qjackctl ), and then running JACK.. I’m intrested to see how low a latency it can provide in audio…

        QjackCtl’s setup tab has 2 important dropdown boxes:
        -Frames/Period : 128, 256, 512 etc
        -Periods/Buffer: 2, 3, 4, etc

        Would you mind testing 128 + 2, 128, + 3, 128 + 4, and the same for 256?
        No rush, and if you’d prefer not then thats OK too! -Harry

  2. It can be a bit fiddly to navigate around at times, and it is not the fastest piece of kit around; Firefox takes a good 10 seconds to load, but then again I have a good 8 addons installed.

    I don’t have my tablet with me until Monday, so I’ll try and do a screencast of JACK,and a detailed write up of the post installtion procedures a day or so after.

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